Site-Specifically labelled RNA & DNA Synthesis


Site-Specifically Stable Isotope-Labelled RNA & DNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis Service

For site-specific incorporation of stable isotope-labelled (2H, 13C, 15N, 18O, 19F) nucleotides into RNA or DNA sequences solid-phase chemical synthesis is the method of choice. For this purpose nucleoside phosphoramidites are used during the respective cycle of oligonucleotide synthesis.  

Silantes offers both:

  • stable isotope-labelled ribo- and deoxy-phosphoramidites oligonucleotide synthesis building blocks
  • solid phase synthesis service for stable isotope-labelled oligonucleotides

Optimized Process Parameters for Solid-Phase Synthesis with Stable Isotope-Labelled Phosphoramidites

The chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides is carried out from 3'- to 5'-end. During the coupling step, a 3'-phosphoramidite reacts with a free 5'-hydroxy group. The coupling yield is a measure of the quality of the synthesis process. For the synthesis of stable isotope-labelled oligonucleotides, the isotope-labelled phosphoramidites are the main cost drivers. The coupling yield and material usage therefore impacts the price of stable isotope-labelled RNA and DNA reagents.

At Silantes we have optimised our solid-phase synthesis processes to guarantee high coupling yields with stable isotope-labelled phosphoramidites. Furthermore, we know from years of experience how to best prepare the stable isotope-labelled phosphoramidites during the critical coupling step with the goal to minimize material input. At Silantes, we are able to synthesise your site-specifically stable isotope-labelled oligonucleotide at the highest cost efficiency.


Have your site-specifically stable isotope-labelled RNA or DNA synthesised by Silantes

If you need a site-specifically stable isotope-labelled RNA or DNA sequence for your project, Silantes can take care of the synthesis work for you. For a quote we need the following information:

  • Sequence of the target RNA or DNA
  • Sequence positions to be isotopically-labelled
  • Isotopic labelling pattern of the nucleotide to be incorporated in the respective positions
  • Synthesis scale, 1.3 μmol or 0.5 μmol
  • Is purification desired? Depending on the sequence, Silantes experts will decide which method of purification (gel or HPLC) is best suited for your sequence.

Based on this information, we provide a quotation for the synthesis of your oligonucleotide. Once an order is placed, purified oligonucleotide delivery time is commonly less than 6 weeks. For quotation inquiries or to get more information please contact