15N-labeled Rich growth Yeast media (OD2)

15N-labeled Rich growth Yeast media (OD2)

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The isotopic purity for all isotopes is >98%.

Note: Silantes media are natural products. A slightly different color (e.g. amongst different batches) is absolutely normal for natural products and has nothing to do with the quality.

Yeast is used for the expression of eukaryotic proteins, since this host facilitates high protein expression and many post-translational protein modifications characteristic for mammalian cells.

Silantes OD-Media are made from bacterial hydrolysate and contain primarily amino acids, some low MW oligopeptides and almost no carbohydrates. The bacterial strain used is a chemolithoautotrophic organism which grows on inorganic substrates that are isotopically labeled.

Ready to use: Each bottle of Silantes rich growth media is filter-sterilized and ready to use.

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