NMR Standards


Silantes offers high quality stable isotope labelled

for monitoring the performance of NMR spectrometers and for testing new pulse-sequences.



High Isotopic Enrichment > 98 %

The isotopic enrichment of the NMR standards is verified by NMR analysis. Figure 1 shows a 2D-NMR spectrum with two superimposed ubiquitin samples: Triple-labelled ubiquitin (2H, 13C, 15N) in blue and double-labelled ubiquitin (13C, 15N) in red. Click here to find the 2D-NMR spectra for other labellings.



Figure 1: 2D NMR spectra for 2H13C15N- (blue) and 13C15N- (red) labelled ubiquitin. Data of this figure were kindly provided by Dr. Richter in Prof. Dr. Harald Schwalbe Group, Goethe University Frankfurt.


Hich Chemical Purity > 95 %

The chemical purity of the NMR standards is verified by electrophoresis for ubiquitin (see figure 2) and ion-exchange chromatography for RNA standards (see figure 3).



Figure 2: SDS-PAGE for ubiquitin



Figure 3: Ion exchange elution profile of a 14mer RNA fragment (5' - pppGGCACUUCGGUGCC - 3')



Our NMR standards are available in both solid powder form and as concentrated solution (550 µL) prepackaged in a ready-to-use 5 mm NMR tube.




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