Structural studies on large DNA and RNA molecules by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) requires labelling of these molecules with stable isotopes. Silantes offers a wide range of stable isotope labelled deoxy- and ribophosphoramidites for the synthesis of oligonucleotides.


The Silantes technology

Silantes deoxyphosphoramidites are uniformly labeled and biotechnologically synthesized from our own nucleosides. Our nucleosides are made from DNA and RNA purified from bacteria. The bacterial strain used is a chemilithoautotrophic organism which grows on isotopically labelled H2, O2 and CO2. This technology for in vivo enrichment of stable isotopes enables us to offer the deoxyphosphoramidites at very competitive prices.

Silantes ribophosphoramidites are partially labeled and chemically synthesized.


Isotope Enrichment

Silantes deoxyphosphoramidites can by supplied in any combination of the stable isotopes 2H, 13C and 15N. The partially labeled ribophosphoramidites are available in multiple variations. Our product portfolio is developing constantly. Check our current ribophosphoramidite portfolio here.


Quality control

For our phosphoramidites, we guarantee an isotopic purity of >98% according to mass spectra analysis and a chemical purity of >95% according to HPLC.

The quality of our deoxy- and ribophosphoramidites is controlled by 31P-NMR (see exemplary profile below).



Silantes also offers a custom synthesis service for deoxy- and ribophosphoramidites.

Further information on the Silantes phosphoramidite oligosynthesis services.



Ribo-Phosphoramidites (rA, rC, rG, rU) in multiple variations of the stable isotopes 2H, 13C and 15N (partially labeled) for oligosynthesis.



Deoxyribo-Phosphoramidites (dA, dC, dG, dT) in all variations of the stable isotopes 2H, 13C and 15N (uniformly labeled) for oligosynthesis.

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