Oligonucleotide Synthesis Services


Silantes offers customised services for the synthesis of stable isotope-labelled oligonucleotides:

- Enzymatic synthesis for uniformly labelled DNA and RNA sequences

- Chemical synthesis for a nucleotide-specific labelling of DNA and RNA sequences

- Enzymatic synthesis with ribozyme for long RNA sequences

Base building blocks (A, C, G, T/U) and labelling patterns (2H, 13C, 15N) can be selected and combined as needed.


Enzymatic Oligo-Synthesis

The enzymatic oligosynthesis service is particularly suitable for uniform-labelled DNA and RNA fragments.

Chemical Oligo-Synthesis

The chemical oligosynthesis service is particularly suitable for a nucleotide-specific labelling DNA and RNA fragments.


Oligo-Synthesis with Ribozyme

The enzymatic oligo-synthesis serivice with ribozyme is particularly suitable for long uniform-labelled RNA fragments (> 55 bases).