Oligo-Synthesis with Ribozyme


Silantes offers the service of synthesising RNA fragments enzymatically with a ribozyme.

Why the enzymatic oligo synthesis with ribozyme is important: 

Long RNA fragments can also be synthesised chemically in solid-state. In the chemical solid-state synthesis of oligonucleotides, it is inevitable that abortive products are generated during the synthesis. The longer the oligonucleotide to be synthesised, the more abortive products are generated. This effect is therefore particularly noticeable with long RNA sequences. Since chemical purity plays a major role, especially in the field of NMR, complex purification following solid-state oligosynthesis is indispensable. Even with subsequent purification, however, it is difficult to purify the target sequence from those abortive products that have a similar length to the target sequence.


Enzymatic synthesis with ribozyme solves this problem: 

In enzymatic oligosynthesis, the RNA segments are cleaved by a ribozyme. This way, the reaction is terminated very precisely. Only a few abortive products are generated during the reaction and thus a time-consuming purification after the synthesis is not necessary. We offer purification by gel with subsequent HPLC.

The advantage of the enzymatic method with ribozyme therefore comes into play especially with long oligonucleotides: Due to the precise termination, the method is very efficient, delivers high yields and a high chemical purity. 


The price of the synthesis service

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  • sequence of the oligo,
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  • quantity.

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